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The Ontario Provincial Finals 2017

Winners of Special Classes will be eligible to represent The Kiwanis Music Festival of London Inc. at the Provincial Finals.

The Ontario Music Festivals Association, O.M.F.A. is the organizing body of the Provincial Finals. Outstanding students who are recommended by adjudicators come from all member festivals of Ontario to participate in the Provincial Finals.

Visit the Provincial web site:
It is the responsibility of the winner to cover the costs incurred in attending the Provincial Finals.

At the discretion of the Board, alternates (provided a minimum mark of 85 is obtained) may be selected in the event the person originally selected is prevented from participating.

The 2017 Provincials - to be announced


The National Finals 2017

Winners in the Provincial Finals go on to the National Festival Competitions sponsored by The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals and the hosting province.

The 2017 Nationals - to be announced

Visit the National web site