CHANGES TO ALL PIANO CLASSES – The entrant and teacher are now able to select the music to be played in all classes.  The music selected must confirm to the standards set by the Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada for the period and level of difficulty specified for the Class.  All selections will be vetted to ensure that the “own choice” confirms to the Class requirements. 
CHANGES TO WOODWIND AND BRASS CLASSES – Fourteen new classes have been added to the Woodwinds and Brass Sections. 
CHANGES TO BAND, CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA CHALLENGE CLASSES  - The Kiwanis Music Festival will record the performances of the bands, choirs and orchestras entered in the Senior Challenge Classes only.  The conductor will be given a copy of the recording. 


  • The Young-Ja Park Memorial Open Piano Competition
    • First Prize $1000 “The Sister Callistus Memorial Award”
    • Second Prize $750
    • Third Prize $500
  • New Piano Award $500 - The Dr. Lauren McCurdy Dickie Memorial Award has been established from the estate of Dr. McCurdy, a gifted pianist and late Diagnostic Radiologist.  Will be awarded annually for the next ten years.
  • New Jazz Award $500 - The Glenville “Glen” Ansine Jazz Band Award donated by Jennifer Slay in honour of her father for the next three years.
  • The Susanne Murphy solo trophy for Intermediate Baroque Piano has been established by a local piano teacher. 
  • The Ingrid Crozman solo trophy for Intermediate Band Instrument has been established by a local flute teacher. 


  • $3.00 cash for each session and for each special event during the three-week Festival
    (sorry, debit & credit card facility not available) OR
    for a Festival V.I.P. Pass for admission to ALL events during the three-week Festival. 
    V.I.P. Passes are available at hall venues.
    No Charge - Children 12 years and under
  • The V.I.P. Pass does not include admission to the Stars of the Festival Awards Concert,
    Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at Centennial Hall.

London Concert Band opportunity to perform in 2021   Robert Kennedy, conductor
.. TWO awards yearly valued at $150 each.
.. winning brass, woodwind or percussion soloists chosen from the 2020 festival solo classes. 
.. award winners will perform as soloists with L.C.B.’s 2021 concert 


11th Annual Western Branch/Kiwanis Indoor Competition  
Saturday, May 2, 2020
The PPBSO in conjunction with The Kiwanis Music Festival presents a Piping and Drumming Competition
Saunders Secondary School, 941 Viscount Road at Wonderland Road South

2020 Provincial Finals will be held in the Niagara Region, ON   June 8 – 13, 2020        Visit www.omfa.info
2020 National Finals – A decision was made by OMFA to cease participation in the National Finals as of this year (2020).       Visit www.fcmf.org

Due to the privacy act:
. photography or recording of any kind, using any type of camera or other electronic  equipment, is not permitted during performances.
. no video or audio recording of adjudicator's remarks.
Signs will be posted in every hall and in the 2020 Program prohibiting the use of all recording devices.  If charges are laid, the photographer/operator assumes 100% liability. The Kiwanis Music Festival of London is absolved from any further responsibility.

The Kiwanis Music Festival of London is proud
to have D & S Pianos
as our piano supplier. Their generosity is very much appreciated.