from the Chair

For many years the music festival was a major project of the Kiwanis Club of London. As it continued to grow and develop over the years it required more volunteers to assist in running it and more financial resources than were available by one Kiwanis club. Before long it became a project of all the Kiwanis Clubs in London and then in 1996 the festival was re-organized as an incorporated separate entity, a Kiwanis charity sponsored by all the London and area Kiwanis Clubs and interested citizens. The Festival has a Board composed of twelve Kiwanians and a secretary/ administrator who are charged with all the festival’s preparation and financing.


  • We are dedicated to making the festival a positive educational experience.
  • Continue to develop a stable financial base so as to ensure long term stability
  • Develop an endowment fund to provide stable funding that enables us to provide increased financial awards back to the participants
  • Broaden the base of our volunteer involvement
  • Increase public awareness of the festival

The festival costs approximately $130,000 to produce each year. We are fortunate to receive a grant from the City of London, however the balance of the costs are raised by the festival board. The entry fees from participants cover 43% of the costs and the remainder comes from generous donations from Kiwanians and interested London citizens, admission fees, advertising and program sales. Without this help we would not be able to produce this important cultural event each year here in the Forest City.

It requires the efforts of approximately 400 volunteers to organize and supervise the hall locations throughout the three weeks of festival activities. When you are at the festival please take the time to thank the volunteers who give graciously of their time to ensure the each event runs smoothly.

Over the three weeks we have approximately 10,000 performers that have spent many hours preparing so they can perform to the best of their ability. You will hear many memorable performances. We want this to be a positive learning experience that participants will fondly remember for many years to come. It is the professional adjudicators who work long and hard who have the responsibility of making it an experience that the participants and audience can learn from.

Welcome to the festival and enjoy the music!

Jim Scott
Festival Chair


from the Artistic Committee

Welcome to the Kiwanis Music Festival of London, where the combination of performance and friendly competition help explore your artistic potential. more...