Solo Trophy Winners 2022




Beginner Level Piano Trophy                        

Christine Tithecott

Abigail Lucia Lee Piza

Beginner Level Piano Trophy

Jim and Sandra Weaver

Ayden Chui

Level 1 Piano Trophy

The Poole Family

Ethan Wang

Level 2 Piano Trophy

Marilyn Loosemore

Vince Mao

Level 3 Piano Trophy

The Moses Family

Yuhong Shi

Level 4 Piano Trophy
Level 5 Piano Trophy    

The Alexanders
Susanne Murphy      

Amber Li
Solana Brew

Level 6 Piano Trophy

Doris Kao

Anwen Zhao

Level 7 Piano Trophy

Beverley Barrett

Mengdi Yong

Level 8 Piano Trophy

Lianne Wong

Valerie Mao

Level 9 Piano Trophy

Marion Miller

Qingyiyi Meng

Level 10 Piano Trophy

John-Paul Bracey

Raina Chaeyoon Park

Diploma Level Piano Trophy

Ronald Turini

Natalie Yu

Open Level Piano Trophy

Clark Bryan

Vanessa Yu

Senior Piano Concerto Trophy (ages 15-28)

Yanchus-Hibbard Studios

Vanessa Yu

Junior Popular Piano Trophy

Karen Fisher

Jovan Jain

Senior Popular Piano Trophy

Leslie Linton

Ethan Sue



Level 1-2 Violin Trophy

Sharie St. John

Alessia Sorbara

Level 3-5 Violin Trophy

Louise Bellhouse

Isaac Chen

Level 6-7 Violin Trophy

Sharie St. John

Veronika Jovic

Level 8-9 Violin Trophy

Sharie St. John

Minjin Choi

Level 10-Diploma Violin Trophy

Robert Skelton

Hannah Colquhoun

Open String Solo Trophy

Jennifer Orchard

Amy Kwon, violin

Junior Cello Trophy (Level 1-8)

Terry Sefton

Yerin Lee

Senior Cello Trophy (Level 9-Diploma)

Julia MacGregor

Walker Shuey-Willson

Unaccompanied Bach Cello Trophy

Terry Sefton

Walker Shuey-Willson

Viola Trophy

Ralph Aldrich

No entry




Level 1-4 Vocal Trophy

Mary Jane Harding

Jonathan James Crane

Junior Musical Theatre or Film Trophy

Amabile Choirs

Tessa Prichett-White

Level 5-7 Vocal Trophy

Brenda Zadorsky

Ava McGugan

Intermediate Musical Theatre or Film Trophy

Jennifer Fagan

Una Roulston

Level 8-10 Vocal Trophy

Marie Devereux Memorial

Léla Tamas

Senior Musical Theatre or Film Trophy

Amabile Choirs

Hailey Clark

Open Vocal Trophy

H. William and Eva Bettger

Sophia Daunt




Level 1-4 Band Instrument Trophy
Level 5-7 Band Instrument Trophy
Level 8-10 Band Instrument Trophy
Junior Band Instrument (School)Trophy

Kay Hohner
Ingrid Crozman
Ian Franklin
David Lee

Christina Seoyoung Kim, flute
Sophia Tanaka, flute
Kevin Song, clarinet
Oliver Gula, saxophone

Senior Band Instrument (School)Trophy

Joseph Lee  

Emma-Leigh DeVries, flute

Open Band Instrument Trophy

Don and Lorraine Clark

No entry




Open Guitar Trophy

Jim and Sandra Weaver

Madeline Hall